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Kitchen Creations: Poisson Cru & Taro Cones


Time again for Chef Ronnie Nasuti to head back into the Hawaii News Now Kitchen and start his delicious recipe of Poisson Cru served in Homemade Taro Cones!

Kitchen Creations w/ Chef Ronnie Nasuti of Tiki's Grill and Bar - Metro Grow Hawaii

Chef Ronnie talks about MetroGrow Hawaii in this episode.

MetroGrow is an urban, vertical farm located in Kakaako. Utilizing aeroponics and other technologies, it is growing high quality produce in a controlled environment for the restaurant and gourmet markets. Our ability to carefully control the growing environment will allow us to introduce new items not normally available locally. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this new venture in Hawaii.

Aeroponics - A type of hydroponic growing where the plant's roots are exposed to air and then periodically sprayed with nutrient solution. Compared to traditional growing or other hydroponic methods, aeroponics provides plenty of oxygen to support root development, uses less water and nutrients, uses no growing medium that needs to be cleaned or replenished and can support faster crop maturity. MetroGrow Hawaii is testing both rotary atomizers and high-pressure hydraulic nozzles in its aeroponic systems.

Pea Tendrils are available at some Foodland Farms. The new location will have retail space as well.


Having patience pays off and can deliver a beautiful presentation for your dish. Below Chef shows off his Poisson Cru & Taro Cones.


Many different delicious ingredients can be used with Chef Ronnie's Taro Cones. Like this that he featured at Crazy Shirts Kailua Grand Opening this month.


Looking for a recipe to save for later?