Hawaiian Grilled Fish Recipe with Chef Ronnie

Chef Ronnie Nasuti of Tiki's Grill & Bar joined Hi NOW and their host Kainoa Carlson in their studio kitchen to talk about Al Fresco dining.

Al fresco dining or dining alfresco is eating outside. In temperate climates, al fresco dining is especially popular in the summer months when temperatures and weather are most favorable. It is a style of dining that is casual and often party-like in its atmosphere.[1]

"Cooking with gas here. The instant gratification is to be able to turn on a grill inside your house!" shared Chef Ronnie during his cooking segment.

You can grab any fish, but Chef Ronnie loves cooking with Opah (known as Moonfish). Read more about that here.

Hi Now - Tiki's Grill and Bar


Cooking With Chef Ronnie (at home).

Cooking With Chef Ronnie: Veal Scallopini

Chef Ronnie Nasuti of Tiki's Grill & Bar in Waikiki, Oahu shares his recipe for Veal Scallopini he prepares at his home during Covid-19. Take a seat, and enjoy!

During COVID-19, our Tiki's Ohana have been finding ways to stay connected to others. We were so excited that Chef Ronnie Nasuti sent in a video he made from home for those looking to prepare a delicious meal!

Scallopini is a dish that originated in Italy. The word comes from the Italian scaloppa, meaning a small scallop or slice of meat. Scallopini is a dish that consists of thinly sliced meat, most often veal, but pork and chicken sometimes take its place. (source)

Jump into his video and cook...

Chef's Holiday in Yosemite with Chef Ronnie Nasuti.

Let's take a trip to Yosemite with Tiki's Grill & Bar's Executive Chef Ronnie Nasuti, Sous Chef Jason Berndt & Sales Event Coordinator Jennifer Wardrip.


Good morning San Francisco! Early morning flight over the Pacific!

Traveling to Hawaii - Responsible Tourism

Traveling to Hawaii - Responsible Tourism

Written by Jenni Liu, Sales & Events Coordinator


What comes to mind when you think of vacationing in Hawaii? It probably looks something like: hula dancers, luaus, surfing, and tropical drinks with umbrellas. And it’s true that you can see all of those things when you come here! But beyond the typical tourist experiences, there is a wealth of cultural events that may be explored. More and more, travelers are aware of how they may affect their destination, whether it is a third-world country or a developed region.

Responsible Tourism is a thriving trend for many, and travelers to Hawaii are no exception. Even the phrase “Responsible Tourism&...

3 Easy Gift Ideas for Your Local Staff Holiday Party

Written by: Jenni Liu, Sales & Events Coordinator

Whether your company has 5 or 500 employees, odds are you’re doing something special for your team around the holidays. A staff Christmas party is a great way to say mahalo to your employees and recognize their hard work throughout the year, and it’s also an opportunity to give them a tangible show of your appreciation. If you’re still searching for gift ideas, read on!

1. Beach Day Accessories


Portable Speaker - Portable speakers are perfect for bringing the party to the beach, or just enjoying some relaxing music. Ranging from small and subtle to big and booming, there are many affordable options out there. Bonus points if ...

Corporate Group Travel - What To Do In Waikiki

Corporate Group Travel - What To Do In Waikiki

Written by: Jenni Liu, Sales & Events Coordinator

So you’re planning a corporate incentive trip to reward your employees, or maybe you’re hosting a corporate retreat, and you think: Why not Hawaii? And indeed, why not! Our islands are no stranger to travelers from all over the world, but for U.S. mainlanders, the added bonus is that it’s a part of the U.S., so you get all the tropical escape feels while not having to worry about passports and foreign currency. While there are plenty of awesome activities to be found around all the islands, our focus here is on Waikiki, as this is where we see many corporate groups staying and pla...

Kitchen Creations: Augustine Farms

Time for Chef Ronnie Nasuti to join Kitchen Creations at the Hawaii News Now Studios with Grace Lee.

He wanted to feature local farmers John & Brandy Augustine who made Waimanalo their home. They are excited to share fresh, organic produce with those who also recognize the value of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle!

You'll find some ono produce grown on their farm such as Swiss Chard, Eggplant, Basil, Beets, Cabbage, Broccoli, Daikon Radish, Easter Egg Radish, Turnips, Carrots, Kholrabi, Arugula, AND Salad Greens. Can we say yum!

Catch this episode on replay here:

Kitchen Creations w/ Chef Ronnie Nasuti of Tiki's Grill and Bar -Augustine Family Farm

We love that Chef Ronnie shared his rec...

Hawaii 5-0 & Magnum P.I. Premiere in Waikiki at Sunset on The Beach.

Jenni & Jennifer of Tiki's Sales & Events had the chance to attend the red carpet premiere for Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum P.I. Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki.


There was so much excitement from the crowd, hundreds of fans from here and around the world came out to see the glittery cast walk the Red Carpet at Queen's Beach in Waikiki, and to watch the world premiere of both shows before they air next week.


Hawaii 5-0 saw its 10th Anniversary,


and the new Magnum P.I. celebrated a second season, and both shows are filmed on our beautiful home islands and feature great location cameos. Family and friends of the show were also there for love and support of the producers and cast, all of whom looked fabu...

Tiki's Grill & Bar Director of Operation Michael Miller quoted in Hawaii Hospitality with other industry leaders

Hawaii Hospitality, an upscale bimonthly magazine produced by award-winning writers and editors, reaches top hospitality executives and leading industry organizations, including the Hawaii Restaurant Association and the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association.

Tiki's Grill & Bar Director of Operations Michael Miller talks Cultural Intelligence, With Aloha.