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What If You Are The Center Of The Universe? Shawn Phillips' Startstrongmonday.com

What if You Are the Center of the Universe?
Mon, Mar 23, 2009

Chances are, somewhere along your life path you too received the well intended, likely stern reminder, “You, are not the center of the universe!”

For most of us this “for your own good,” message came an authority figure, perhaps even our loving parents.

As you’ve grown you may even have felt the need to share this wisdom with others who don’t yet see the world as clearly as you do now. For, from this higher perspective this does look to be sound wisdom that only experience can fully grok.

What if this is wrong? What if you and your parents, and your teachers and anyone who has ever believed this to true is as wrong as wrong can be?

What if you are the center of the universe?

What if “all of it” in some very tangible way does actually depend on you?

What if you’re not simply involved but a catalyst… ?

Allow me to explain…

Until Next Week…

Stay Strong,


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