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Tiki Rule #460 No Pork on the Pali.

Old legends warn that traveling with pork over the Pali Highway, the main roadway between Honolulu and Kaneohe, is highly taboo. Pork allegedly attracts agitated spirits and upsets the relationship between the fire god Pele and pig god Kamapuaa.

Those who ignore the legend and carry any pork product in their car may risk encountering car trouble or an accident. Because pork is a kinolau (form) of the pig god, the car trouble is said to be Pele’s way of keeping Kamapuaa from traveling within her domain. Many Oahu residents still follow this guideline today.

If you encounter any truth to this myth, try tossing out the meat and see if your situation improves. For those who can’t avoid the pork transportation, folklorists recommend tying a fresh green ti leaf, bamboo, or banana leaf around the package for protection.