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Tiki Rule #112 If you want to taste the alcohol, don't order a frou frou drink!


frou-frou pronounced "foo-foo" (comparative more frou-frou, superlative most frou-frou)

Frilly; heavily ornamental; fancy; overly elaborate,
This would include most blended drinks like a pina colada or chi chi, a strawberry daiquiri, a lava flow, and many drinks with sweet or flavored liquor in them.

The confusion begins when many "amateur" drinkers start out not liking the taste of alcohol, so the professionals that bartenders are, make drinks to mask the taste of the liquor. Typically they are decorated with lots of fruit and an umbrella. Occasionally, some of these drinks are so good they become popular. Inevitably, they show up on a drink menu or are spread by word-of-mouth.

Unfortunately, there are those of us who do enjoy a little bite to our drinks. But unfamiliar with what's on the local drinks menu, some people end up ordering some of these sweet drinks. When they don't taste the alcohol, they immediately assume that the drink has little or none, or worse, they feel ripped off.

What's worse is that unless you're 21 years old with a sweet tooth, it's hard to drink more than a couple of these frou frou drinks. So the experienced drinkers get only a little buzz, and leave disappointed.

If you really wanted a delicious drink that is going to give that little bite, as well as a buzz, try one of our Nuevo Classic Cocktails.