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Hawaii International Film Festival 2006 (Video)

This was a great party, we helped co-host back in 2006. This was when smoking was still legal in restaurants. The band hut is also not built yet.

HIFF Vblog- Filmmakers Meet & Greet Party

Hawaii International Film Festival 2006: Day 4 (10/22)- The Filmmakers Meet and Greet Party at Tiki's Bar and Grill in Waikiki. Guests included Cinematographer Matthew Libatique ( Requiem For a Dream/Inside Man/The Fountain/Iron Man), Actor Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle/Van Wilder 2: Rise of the Taj), Matt Dentler (Producer of the SXSW Film Festival), Elvis Mitchell (Film Critic for The New York Times) and Director Ham Tran (Journey from the Fall).