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Have you met our friend Sonny Kapu?

Hawaiian Airlines Visa Commercial with Sonny

Jaded's Recap: Mokolokilikilanilaki! It's Hawai'i! by Jaded 1/28/2004

For the first time in its rich and storied two-year history, American Idol has made a jaunt to the islands. The show decided to visit the state capital, Honolulu, located on the lush shores of O'ahu, home to Pearl Harbor, palm trees and sugar fields. And I decided to visit a Travel Hawai'i brochure to steal some flowery copy for this introduction.

So, Air Idol touches down in Honolulu, where Simon is greeted by a bunch of little squirt hula dancers. And all the semi-witty punsters watching the show snicker and scream "Simon just got lei'd! Hee hee!" Congratulations, smart guys, on inventing a new joke. Judging from the early looks, the Hawaiians seems to be very friendly, and it's possible that they all know each other. Sonny Kapu starts us off. At least his velour hat matches his velour jacket. And he

can play the ukulele.

Season 3 of American Idol

This was a private party hosted in the Coconut Club with sunset and ocean views 21 floors above Waikiki Beach. Sonny Kapu group was the Hawaiian entertainment.