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Chef Ronnie Quoted

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The farm-to-table movement is not without its problems, though. Inability to purchase enough of a product that chefs need to run their kitchens is one. Ronnie Nasuti, executive chef at Tiki’s Grill & Bar, Waikiki, says,

“We are an independent serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do 1,500 covers a day.”
Until recently, he never considered buying from local farms a movement.

“You just bought what you could.”

That’s still what Nasuti does. He admits his percentage of local purchases is lower than that of smaller restaurants, but he works with local farms as much as he can, and he knows the farmers. He buys tomatoes from Hau’ula Tomatoes and beets and green onions from Higa Farms. Sea beans, seaweed, melons and kukui nuts, also called candlenuts and made into inamona, a relish, come from Aloun Farms. One of his largest local purchases is grass-fed beef from Kulana Foods. He uses 1,000 pounds of grass-fed ground beef a month for hamburgers. To see the full article


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