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Before Twitter and Facebook there was Melissa Chang

It was great to have Melissa Chang @Melissa808 stop in with friends from the online community of Fodors, they call it GTG (short for Get ToGether). She then wrote a cool blog post about life before Facebook and the newer "social media." She was connecting online before twitter was cool. Below is a little taste of what she wrote and a few photos Melissa took:

Most people nowadays know me for my online activity on Twitter and Facebook, and primarily on a local level. But did you know that I’ve been active online in other communities for more than a decade? I had gotten into different online communities like Epicurious.com and iVillage.com, but none were as satisfying or helpful as Fodors.com (mostly because I’m addicted to traveling).

Another new item: Kal bi gyoza ($11). These beefy fried dumplings sit on a drizzle of kabayaki sauce and miso chili aioli. Locals will like these, but they are perfect for out of town guests who want to try something exotic but aren't really adventurous.
See Melissa's full blog post and more photos at: