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Wedding: 5/18/2013
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Simple. Elegant. Perfect for our wedding! posted 6/10/2013
First, I have to give a much deserved THANK YOU to the staff of Tiki's. Working with them throughout the planning process was a breath of fresh air. I came to find out that not many people are in a rush to do much of anything in Hawaii, which was a huge adjustment coming from the mainland, and a city at that. It was frustrating planning a wedding, while researching vendors who didn't work at the same speed as i did. After finding and connecting with Tiki's they were always so prompt in responding to me, given the large time difference, and were so accommodating. Additionally, if communicating via email wasn't always the easiest, they never hesitated to pick up the phone to clarify that we were on the same page. Doing little things like that was always appreciated, and considered going the extra mile in my eyes.

More specifically, I have to thank Alyssa, who helped coordinate and really make our reception come to life and ensure it was everything I had hoped for and more. She was a big reason I chose to stay working with Tiki's. There was a staff change early in my planning process, but having her come in was the best thing for me and for Tiki's. So THANK YOU Alyssa.

Now for the remainder of of the review...

Food (Kona Buffet):
**Appitizers were not included in the buffet)**

**Ahi Poke- sinfully delicious! Myself and guests gobbled this right up, and even for guests who had never had raw fish--they were blown away by the flavor. BRAVO!

**Coconut Shrimp- can't really mess this up haha. Very good :)

Teriyaki Chicken- best I've ever had. Seriously...i want the recipe. Someone? Anyone? I'd fly back just for this chicken!

Macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi- So delicious, moist, and flaky! This was my favorite part of our dinner! I had dreams about this fish before arriving for the wedding, and it did not disappoint.

Guava glazed ribs- just OK in my opinion. I think I expected more sweetness than what I actually tasted, and they were a bit greasy.

Location was great! We reserved their private room on the 21st floor, which was one of the best decisions we made. It was private, intimate, and GORGEOUS. Amazing views of Waikiki Beach, and Diamonhead. We enjoyed an incredible sunset, and could not imagine having our reception anywhere else.

This place is for the low-key simple bride all the way to the high-maintenance luxury bride (c'mon ladies, we know we can admit this haha). I fell somewhere in the middle and they took wonderful care of me, my new husband, and all of our guests!

Do yourself a favor and go to Tiki's...be it a simple dinner while visiting, or planning your next event. :)